Workforce Management

Workforce Management can be utilized at any time as an organization grows and/or needs change.
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Benefit Accruals / Comp-Time Banking

Accumulates and tracks the number of hours earned and used for benefits such as vacation and sick pay.

Shift Differential

Calculates extra pay for working designated shifts and/or days.

Point System

A fully integrated performance tracking solution that uses attendance information to automatically generate merits, de-merits, warning letters, perfect attendance letters, accident-free awards, and other WORD mail-merge documents.

Employee Web Services

Employees can punch in and out, transfer themselves to a different cost center, view their time sheet, view their schedule, view their benefit time balances, view their point balances, request time off, etc.

Work in Progress Module

A great feature used to monitor production lines, visually track work order progress, and keep track of the location of tools, documents, and materials.

Expense Module

Submit, approve and track reimbursable expenses incurred by employees.

Lockout / Access Control

Prohibit employees from punching outside their schedule. Control attendance and security access.

Custom Report Maker

Create your own reports with the information you need in the format you want.

Labor Tracking / Job Costing

Prepare estimates, monitor and control costs, compile billing information, and measure the profitability of different projects.

NOVApic Badge Printer

Fully integrates with digital cameras and badge printers for a complete employee badge solution. Print badges for a single employee or a group of employees with a few clicks of a mouse.

In / Out Board

Provides instant access to WHO’S IN and WHO’S Out and WHY.

Scheduler / Timesheet Notes

Facilitates two-way communication between supervisors and employees for work schedules, time off requests, notifications, etc.

ODBC Data Import

Provides a common interface to easily retrieve and write back data from an external source.

Customizable Dashboard

Available on Novatime 4000 software.


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