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Clients may upgrade from one version to the next at any time as an organization grows and/or needs change. Clients can also migrate from installed to hosted and/or from hosted to installed at any time. This flexibility means that choosing Automated Timekeeping now does not lock you into a solution that may not be appropriate for you in the future.

NOVAtime 4000 Software as a Service (pdf)

NOVAtime 4000

NOVAtime 4000 is a hosted solution for employers of all sizes and with any number of users who do not have or do not want to deal with the IT infrastructure required to purchase a time and attendance system.

NOVAtime 4000 has all the features of NOVAtime 1000, 2000, and 3000. It is hosted in a state of the art, SAS 70 Type II certified facility with redundant power supply and redundant communication. Databases are backed up nightly and stored off-site.

NOVAtime 3000 Enterprise Edition (pdf)
NOVAtime 3000 System Requirements (pdf)


NOVAtime 3000

NOVAtime 3000 is for employers of all sizes and with any number of users who want or need the most advanced time and attendance features.

NOVAtime 3000 has all the features of NOVAtime 1000 and 2000 plus it enables the following time and attendance tasks to be delegated to supervisors and managers: edit and approve time sheets, approve time off requests, edit schedules, edit and view paid time off balances, edit and view point balances, and run reports. Each supervisor and manager will only see the employees they are responsible for and they will only have access to the features that they need and use.

NOVAtime 3000 also enables employees to have self-service features such as view their time sheets, view their paid time off balances, view their history, view their schedule, view their point balance, and request time off.

NOVAtime 3000 installs on a Windows server and runs on a SQL database.

NOVAtime 2000 Time Management Solution (pdf)


NOVAtime 2000

NOVAtime2000 is for employers with less than 500 employees and less than 5 users who need some advanced time and attendance features.

NOVAtime 2000 has all the features of NOVAtime 1000 plus it can: schedule, auto enter breaks, calculate shift differentials, calculate weekend premium time, calculate 24 and 36 hour shifts, calculate guaranteed hours, calculate paid time off accruals, calculate disciplinary point balances, generate warning letters when certain point thresholds are reached, calculate labor and job costs, and automatically generate reports on a fixed schedule.

NOVAtime 2000 can be implemented on any server, or it can be implemented without a server. Supervisors and managers who are at remote locations use remote log-in to access the system.

NOVAtime 1000 Small Business Edition (pdf)


NOVAtime 1000

NOVAtime 1000 is for employers with less than 100 employees who have simple time and attendance needs.

NOVAtime 1000 can: round punches, calculate daily, weekly, weekend, holiday, and consecutive day overtime, auto enter meal breaks, handle shifts that cross midnight, handle multiple pay codes, auto enter paid holidays, track multiple cost centers, track paid time off balances, run reports, import employees, and interface with payroll.

Employees can punch in and out at a computer, a keypad terminal, a swipe terminal, or a hand reader. Employees can also transfer themselves to a different cost center and/or enter tips or meal deductions.

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