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We are time and attendance experts offering employee time tracking software and other services for small to enterprise-size businesses. Automated Timekeeping solutions reduce the amount of time needed to prepare data for payroll, eliminate payroll errors, improve workforce management, and help track and manage labor expenses. Our employee time tracking software is designed to exchange employee and labor information with payroll, human resources, and other essential business modules.

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New User Interface Documents are available for download below:

Novatime 4000 New UI

Novatime 4000 New UI-Employee Web Services

Need web based employee time tracking solutions?

timeOur Go Green solutions are available in Enterprise or SaaS options.

Enterprise Workforce Mgmt.
Software as a Service

Are your employees clocking in for each other?

timeOur biometric time clock solutions will eliminate buddy punching.


Biometric Hand Reader
Biometric Touch Screen Terminal

Seeking a more modern and efficient employee time tracking systems?

Our solutions accommodate today’s most demanding business needs.

Employee Kiosk / Push Technology


Want to manage employees who work outside the office?

Our remote employee time tracking systems track employees across town or across the country.

Web Solutions
Portable PDA

Looking to monitor job and project costs?

timeOur solutions automate multi-level labor costing and analytical reporting.

We offer many options for collecting job/project time and distribution. Call us to discuss your options.

Taking a risk with manual work crew tracking?

timeOur work crew solutions are tailored to fit a
wide range of requirements.

Standard and custom solutions are available. Call us to discuss your options.



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